Profile: Miranda

My life before Seeds of Hope was unpredictable. I had lost myself! I did not know who I was. I had no purpose and did not know how to live life. I had become numb.  The drugs had taken over, and I felt like I had little choice - and the only one I did have left was killing me! I was contaminated by drugs and felt like I had no way out.

One consequence of my addiction lead me to jail. Jail allowed me to detach physically from the drugs and gave me the opportunity to recognize my Higher Power. I was able to listen for the first time in a long time. My mind became a little clearer and my heart began to change. I finally had a choice, once released from jail. I could either go back out to active addiction, or I could see the opportunity available as an opportunity to get to know who I am and allow someone to help me.

When I was in jail, Marvetta (Executive Director of Seeds of Hope) came to the jail. I filled out the application and was accepted immediately. Because Of Seeds of Hope and my Higher Power, I have begun to build a foundation. Since being at Seeds of Hope, I have learned how to cry, how to laugh, and how to share who I am. I have seen compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance. I’ve had my good days and my bad days. But even those bad days are so much better than one of those “good” days out there in active addiction. Sometimes I don’t know what the next best thing to do is…but I do know this: I never, NEVER have to use any drugs ever again in my life! There is not going to be any problem that is too big for me and my Higher Power. He has brought me this far and I know that he has so much more in store for me! I’ve gained courage, faith, and strength. I could go on about the blessings I have received – it amazes me what has happened in the last eight months of my life. My wishes are to stay sober, to love who I am, to gain independence, and to continue to call upon my Higher Power!

 Thank you, God! I’m in recovery today!



Seeds of Hope - January 2010 Graduate