Profile: Marvetta Grimes


Seeds of Hope is my saving grace. I think back almost 18 years ago and wonder: where would I be if the doors of Seeds of Hope had not opened on September 20, 1999. My journey to recovery started on October 24, 1999. I was in the second group of residents, and I was determined to turn my life around and reunite my family. Today, I have a relationship with my Higher Power, my family, and the countless number of people I’ve met through Seeds of Hope.


I started working at Seeds of Hope doing the overnight supervision; then moved to being the house manager; then became the controller. Four years ago, I was approached by the Board of Directors to become the interim Director, and I now serve as the Executive Director. I am proud of the fact that I can help other women through my experience (and unfortunate past experiences), strength, and hope.


Over the years, I’ve seen the changes that Seeds of Hope has gone through: adding another room so that women wouldn’t have to sleep on couches; enlarging the dining room to provide more space for more residents; and even building a deck, just to make this home more comfortable for the women who live here. I am really excited about the future of Seeds of Hope, as we continue to help change the lives of the many women seeking recovery. We humbly serve by not focusing on what has been…but on what can be for each and every one of our residents!

Marvetta Grimes

Seeds of Hope Graduate & Executive Director