Best Rehab Facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana

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The research team analyzed thousands of facilities across the country and then identified the most cost-effective and highest rated programs in larger cities like Indianapolis. Each facility was evaluated based on rehabilitation services, treatment approaches, cost, special programs for unique demographics and ancillary services. The website also provides information about drug use and side effects as well as educational articles. For a detailed listing of the Best Rehab Facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana please visit

Father Glenn O'Connor passed away peacefully on March 15, 2019.

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Profile: Janet

My name is Janet. I’m a recovering addict and an alumnus of Seeds of Hope. I started my process March 12, 2002 by going through detox and then a rehab program. After that, I was accepted to Seeds of Hope where I was introduced to the tools for recovery: getting a sponsor, attending meetings, reading the literature, building a network of women, being of service, and not picking up that first drink or drug.

I still use these tools today, but for them to work, I had to adapt to the program. This was when I learned how to accept my past and work toward doing something different. As an addict, I know the pain of addiction, but I also know the joy of recovery. I am grateful that in the course of my recovery, I developed a conscious contact with my Higher Power. No addict seeking recovery need die without a chance for a better way of life. Just for today, I never have to use again.


Seeds of Hope Graduate

**After completing the Seeds of Hope program, Janet enrolled in college and earned her Associate Degree in Business. She continues to give back to Seeds of Hope as the bookkeeper and contract worker