Give Hope

Thank you for supporting Seeds of Hope! Below are the many ways your donation - no matter the size - can positively impact the Seeds of Hope program. You are also welcome to donate any amount you choose, which is at the bottom of the page.

 1. Transportation: IndyGo Bus Passes

Why is it needed?

After the first 3 weeks of acclimation and recovery, we require and help our residents find jobs. Our residents often use the bus to go to and from work.

 How Can I Help?

$4.00 - One all-day IndyGo Bus Pass

$17.50 - 10 trips (2 full work weeks)

$60.00 - One month-long pass

 2. Accountability: Drug Testing

Why is it needed?
Residents remain accountable to their promise not to abuse by knowing they will be tested monthly and as needed.

 How Can I Help?

$15.00 - One Drug Test
$60.00 - 1 Month of Drug Tests
$249.10 - Buys a bulk pack of 50 Drug Tests

 3. Nourishment: Proper Nutrition for a Body to Heal

Why is it needed?
A body addicted to chemicals needs time to adjust to living on proper food and nutrition. 

 How Can I Help?

$56.00 - 1 full week of meals for one woman 
$112.00 - 2 full weeks of meals for one woman
$225.00 - 4 full weeks of meals for one woman


4. Education: Ongoing Computer Lab Expense

Why is it needed?
To obtain gainful employment by having access to proper training and tools needed for the modern workforce.

 How Can I Help?

$35.00 - Internet service for 1 month  
$210.00 - Internet service for 6 months
$420.00 - Internet service for 1 year

 5. Full Support from Seeds of Hope

Why is it needed?
The $105 weekly program fee includes job search support, group meetings, on-site room & board, use of washer & dryer, healthy meals & personal hygiene items.

 How Can I Help?

$105.00 - 1 week of full support  
$210.00 - 2 weeks of full support
$420.00 - 4 weeks of full support

6. Choose Your Own Support Amount