What is the capacity of Seeds of Hope?

Seeds of Hope can provide a home for up to 17 women. Our facility was recently renovated to include more private bedrooms, a new kitchen, a larger (more family-oriented) dining room, an exercise room, a recreation room, and a furnished outdoor deck.

How long has Seeds of Hope been in existence?

Seeds of Hope opened its doors on September 20, 1999. In 2016, we celebrated our 17-year anniversary of service to women, and kicked off our building and program expansion projects to celebrate our transition into a second decade of service.

What distinguishes your program from others?

Our program is unique in that it is geared toward not only helping a woman get clean/sober, but stay clean/sober. The path of any woman looking to lead an independent, clean, sober, and healthy life is long and often laden with many obstacles. While Seeds of Hope cannot make this journey a simple one, the mission of the organization – with dedicated staff and supporters – is to equip every woman entering the program with the tools and support needed to obtain and maintain sobriety. Seeds of Hope is one of the few such organizations that exists in the state of Indiana that focuses specifically on aiding women through the difficult transition from substance abuse all the way to sustained, independent, healthy living.

What do your services include?

Our services include personalized evaluation and goal-setting with each resident; in-house group meetings, individual life-skills training, development of job skills; resident financial management, medication safekeeping, and planned activities and outings.

How much does it cost to live at Seeds of Hope?

The cost is $105 per week. This includes all meals and program fees. (There is also a $100 intake fee required, as well as a $20 drug screen charge.)

What if I can’t afford $105 per week?

We will work with you to help figure out the finances – our main goal is to get you into a safe and supportive environment so that you can begin your recovery. After a period of transition to allow you to start getting healthy and adjusted to the program, we will help you find a job in order to earn the money to pay the program fees. Many of our residents who walk through our door without a cent end up leaving with a savings account with $2–$3,000!

Is there public transportation close by?

Yes, our area is served by a dependable bus line, with a close bus stop only two blocks away.

How long does it take to go through your program?

Our typical program length is 6 months. The actual length depends on the individual. Although this time period seems long, think of it as a small time investment compared to the rest of your life. Our program includes very strategic measures to help you: get healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally); mend relationships with family and friends; learn to love yourself for who you really are – without hiding behind drugs or alcohol; become self-sufficient through education, job skills training and life skills training; learn relapse prevention measures, for when you go back out into the real world.